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Close 01:23
Thirteen steps to the North... Draw a circle in the stone... In a home across her lips With a dagger through her hips There we crushed Sacred Art At the beating of our hearts... There she grew dimly dim As she questioned, "Are you him?" Then his horns, how they grew! How they stabbed her through and through! Then he grinned, crooked teeth As she bled out at his feet So, he dragged her underground For to never, to be found... AS YOU WONDER FAR FROM HOME KNOW YOU'RE NEVER TOO ALONE AS YOU WANDER FAR FROM HOME NO, YOU'RE NEVER, TOO ALONE
Inni 03:12
In her hand was a knife In her arms, was harm When her eyes are like clouds Her thoughts are the stars Her lips would speak no words, and the blood from her tongue Would spill into the halls As we crawl through the fog and pray to be heard Her lips would speak no words! Until light be for Gott In the dark, we will burn, and burn... See her, dancing, on and on Through the smoke, in the ruin of our hearts When caustic spells align! For giving forgiveness, and truth, to the blind To drift in starry skies! We're glowing, enchambered, just to survive But here is hell reborn! In her gaze, now astray, so in turn We will burn and burn! OM.... OM.... OM.... OM....
Eyes 00:43
Falling.... In flame.... When your will is gone...... Falling..... In flames.... When your will is God....
Iris Clouds 04:10
Vines uprooted, to the sky! Through Iris clouds, and misty eyes Blue goes pale, pale now grey So it seems So we pray In the sun Summer rain La-la-la Lala-la Lala-la Lala-la Breath of life, soul demise As you watch From below As they look To the sky! Heresy is not a form of escape! Daggers drawn To the one Closing in Run away! Crosses cull in crooked ways! Calling card End of days Sit with me In this haze! Purity defiled by only one! One who sees Through the fog In the dark Tramples thoughts! La-la-la Lala-la Lala-la Lala-la "Each tear spent is a drop to the Sea See the stars. See the sky. See the moon. See the night Each tear spent is a drop to the See Sea, the stars. Sea, the sky. Sea, the moon. Sea, the night." La-laa Lala-lala La-la-laa La-laa Lala-lala La-la-laa Laa-laa Laa-laa La-la-la Laa-laa Laa-laa La-la-la
Falling 07:08
The Devil we follow, into a grave, parody. Sigilus Sombre, sign of the knave, prophecy. A fit of laughter, foolish or brave? Heresy! A bitter martyr makes a better, slave, comedy. Falling In shame When your will is gone Drown In waste When your will is God Sever your savior with a flick of your wrist! MARKED FOR DEATH! From the river into the feast! FROM PESTILENCE TO LOVE. See their father smile as he weeps! FOR HIS FLOCK. Leads the children into the flames! ARROGANT GOD! Falling In shame When your will is gone Drowning In waste When your will is God Falling In graves When your will is gone Falling In flames When your will is God When your will is gone When your will is God
Open 02:50


Close your eyes.

23 physical copies. Full demo to be posted upon dispelling of all physical copies.


released September 3, 2015


all rights reserved



DEAES Santa Ana, California


J Nada

Yuna Yune

Al D


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